How would you like to spend more time on revenue generation and less on administrative tasks?

We’d like to help you.  The Farr Office delivers a full ‘back office’ support service for consultants, sole traders and SMEs that either don’t need, or can’t justify, employing someone full-time or on-site for this role.

Explore outsourcing many of your routine office tasks to a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who works remotely for various clients.  When most people hear the term “virtual assistant,” they assume it’s a secretary who works from home.  But the field has exploded into a variety of skill sets that are extremely valuable to various professionals. These days, a virtual assistant is someone a lot of busy professionals just can’t do without.

Using a Virtual Assistant is as personal as having your own Secretary or Administrator except that you only pay for the time and services you actually use, without using up office space or providing office equipment, or increasing overheads or employer costs and liabilities.

Your Virtual Assistant is …

Someone who has seasoned, grounded and rounded experience at senior secretarial level, understands and applies logic to administrative tasks and is skilled, innovative and quick on the uptake.

Someone who has knowledge of running a small business to operate successfully in a commercial environment, as well as the ability to deliver quality, quantity and flexibility to pressing timelines.

Someone who will provide support on either a long-term, short-term or project specific basis.

Someone who usually works remotely from you, charges only for the work done, and is a variable rather than a fixed overhead for your business.

Someone you can trust …