The internet is a great resource, which can help you streamline your business operations in many ways.  Often, there is a need to research the internet to gather crucial information for your business or for a project you are working on.  Many small businesses don’t have the time or resources to carry out the research they need, and this is something that lends itself easily to outsourcing.   Based on your individual criteria, and key reference points, we will utilise the web to resource and collate the information you require from the simple to the more technical including:

  • Travel options; flights and price; train times and costs; car hire and availability
  • Hotels and other accommodation at your planned destination
  • Biographies of business people, academics and speakers at a meeting or event you’ll be attending
  • More information about the event perhaps!
  • Latest news on industry-relevant matters
  • Article research
  • Product or Service research
  • Latest academic papers published
  • General background on any subject

Often, the results of this sort of work can be applied to social media updating.  Have you checked out our Social Media service?

When you’re busy, it makes sense to outsource this task, saving you valuable time to focus on the rest of your business.