Social Media

Do you need someone to develop and maintain your Social Media profile?

In today’s online-driven business world, social media has become a necessary component for success.  It plays a large part in the opinions that people form about your business and your brand.  You need to promote your business in various ways, and in a fast paced flow of information your content and conversation needs to be effective.

Promoting your business on the various social media platforms can be a full time operation, and there is undoubtedly a lot to becoming ‘social media savvy’.  Even if you are familiar with these mediums, you may be finding it hard to keep up to date, and that’s where we can help you.

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, we can help your business to be seen and earn some social media respect by:

  • Helping to grow a list of real followers
  • Ensuring you follow other businesses of interest and relevance to you
  • Scheduling social media updates
  • Providing interesting and relevant content for updates
  • Responding to social media customer enquiries
  • Alerting you to any negative comments and responding to them accordingly

A great service for small businesses and sole traders who know they need a social media presence but don’t have time to invest in it themselves.

Social Media all year round

Have you got your social media covered when you go on holiday?  During the holiday season, we can keep an eye on this and take care of it for you so there is no interruption in your online activity.